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What new technologies are of interest to agribusiness?

Since the company was founded, the first thing that caught the eye in crop production was the problem of keeping records of lease contracts and information on all cartography: land plots, fields, crops... We started selling software products (GIS) and faced the fact that the data was severely fragmented, often it was not enough. We began to look for new approaches, decided to provide cartographic processing services, and conduct the land bank audit

Sooner or later all companies come to the fact that the information environment should be one. We began to receive requests from our Clients  for the integration of GIS with GPS monitoring systems, 1C. Having studied the market, we began to implement GPS monitoring systems in conjunction with GIS for the management of the land bank and 1C for automation of reporting. There were many projects, but they became more complicated. It was necessary to act as a general contractor, to be responsible for the overall result.

We implemented systems that gave the Client an understanding of what is happening with land assets and agricultural machinery, but did not give a picture of what is happening with crops. Companies with tens, hundreds of thousands of hectares are difficult to manage production, there is not always operational information. When we began to understand the agribusiness more deeply, we decided to strengthen the team by specialists in processing satellite data. Our next product was the state of crops satellite monitoring.


As part of development of biomass monitoring, we have closed commercial and pilot projects of more than 500 thousand hectares per year. Unfortunately, not all agronomists have used this information. And those who did, lamented the lack of data for decision-making, they needed information about the structure of the soil — micro- and macro elements, compaction, acidity. Then we started the services of soil sampling and analysis . In combination with the state of crops monitoring, this information was more valuable to Clients.

Satellite data cannot always be an assistant to agronomists because of the cloudiness and inexact detail. Companies need operational data on the state of crops, the analyst with high accuracy. Previously, we sold drones, but with the development of unmanned technologies we entered the services market and further strengthened the cartographic processing team. To date, each crew provides crop monitoring services by drones about 2500 ha/day, and the results are received by the customers the next day.

 provides crop monitoring services by drones

Agribusiness is faced with the fact that there is a lot of data, but in order to apply it, it is necessary to invest in  the re-equipment of machinery — autopilots, parallel driving systems, precision seeding systems, sections control and yield mapping. In 2015, together with the Partners, we started implementing projects on the implementation of parallel driving and the re-equipment of sprayers and sections control. Such projects save our Clients more than 10% of inventories in a season.

Which companies are implementing new technologies?

All companies have different level of readiness to implement innovations — machinery and equipment in stock, team experience, IT infrastructure, development stage and business size. Cooperation with SmartFarming is more valuable for those companies that are just starting to engage in new technologies or have not been able to get the expected effect earlier.

This year the company moved to Unit.City — a technology park, a center for the development of innovative companies. We believe in a comprehensive system approach to the implementation of innovations in agriculture and believe that with such experience and expertise in the team and our Partners, we can successfully implement projects of varying complexity.

We believe that this market is only getting on its feet. We are inspired to be its part and create better solutions for the effective work of agribusiness.

Yours faithfully,
Artem Belenkov
SmartFarming Founder

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