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Artem Belenkov, the founder of SmartFarming, took the 5th place in the “Entrepreneurs of the Year, 2017” top list compiled by the MC Today online magazine editorial board.

The winners were selected among more than a hundred Ukrainian entrepreneurs having an up to $30 million annual business turnover and employing no more than 500 people.

We are sure that people who built a competitive business using no dubious privatization procedures in the 1990s or corrupt schemes participation are a new generation of Ukrainians, and exactly they should define Ukraine as a state but not thievish deputies or oligarchs

MC Today online magazine editorial board convinces.

Artem Belenkov


Rating – 3.978

A former securities trader entered the agricultural business and established the SmartFarming Company assisting farmers with innovative technologies utilization.

Belenkov’s largest project is his cooperation with the OJSC Myronivsky Plant for Manufacturing Groats and Feeds . SmartFarming developed and implemented the largest land management project in the CIS for this agricultural holding.

In total, Belenkov’s company serves more than 4 million ha of clients’ lands. Artem plans to scale precision farming services, expand the Big Data role in business, and increase the number of the company’s customers.

The entrepreneurs who meet the following five evaluation criteria were listed as nominees in the first place.

  1. Product or service innovation is the participant’s competitive advantage due to new technologies implementation. How much the participant’s products or services are in line with its market or segment technological development.
  2. An example to follow – how much competitors and entrepreneurs from other industries try to replicate or copy the candidate’s strategy, their tactical measures, and operational features. To what extent is a candidate considered to be an innovator in business.
  3. Influence on Ukraine’s reputation – the participant’s achievements in the world market, attention from the foreign mass media. To what extent the candidate’s business contributes to the positive image of Ukraine at the international level.
  4. Business long-termness – the ability of the business to maintain competitiveness and innovation during the next ten years.
  5. Social responsibility – to what extent the candidate’s business is useful for the Ukrainian society.

The finalists and winners were determined based on the results of the readers’ vote, the experts’ and MC Today online magazine editorial board’s opinions.

Learn more about the top list following the link.

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