Automation of agricultural business management

The success of agricultural enterprises that occupy a leading position in the market is largely due to the efficiency and promptness of management decisions. Their adoption is based not only on the personal experience of the manager, but also on the possibility of obtaining timely, accurate and complete data on all the company's resources. In modern agriculture, to obtain and process such information, integrated land management systems, management of agricultural technologies and monitoring systems for machinery are used. The joint experience of successful implementation of such innovations in the national agro-industrial group Agricom Group was told by its Executive Director Petr Melnik and the head of SmartFarming Artem Belenkov.



The launch of any new technology in the company is preceded by the process of analyzing the activities of the structural units, identifying the existing mechanisms for solving problems and possible ways to improve them. In other words — the definition of domestic needs and their comparison with the products that the market offers.

«In our case, there was a need to create a database of the land bank of all group enterprises with the possibility of exporting information to the corporate EMS. In addition, we have identified the need for operational access to technological maps of fields and their passports. And the third block was the database of the equipment location with the possibility of fuel controlling.

So, for example, to introduce effective logistics at the group's enterprises, it is necessary, among other things, to introduce a block crop management system, for which realization the analysis of field-specific technological maps in conjunction with real-time machinery control and historical Data. As a result, we have a conditional scheme contours of fields — terrain — machinery.»

"The market offered a wide variety of options, however, based on such criteria as complexity, functionality and price/quality ratio, we decided on the following solution, which allowed us to create a flexible, complete and universal agribusiness management system with the help of a minimum number of software products with the ability to configure depending on changing needs"

says Executive Director of Agricom Group Petr Melnik.


Based on the needs of the company, SmartFarming specialists developed the following project structure:


panorama agro

The starting point for the implementation of the project was to determine the exact contours of the fields. This allowed us to rationalize the company's budget, since it directly depends on the number of hectares in processing.

Then, with the help of agricultural GIS, a single database was created for the fields and the history of their processing. This software allowed to conduct analytics for each field, connect terrain matrices and create thematic maps. Satellite monitoring of the crop condition was also connected to the system, and consultations on crop condition photographs were organized on a weekly basis.

Having in the system all the basic information on the fields and satellite monitoring data, the management was able to conduct a detailed analysis of the causes of the yield and determine what exactly influenced the final result.


Using geoinformation systems, a single electronic map of the company's land plots was created, to which the registry database under leases is attached, as well as forms for data entry and report templates.

Further, the access rights were delineated in accordance with specific units. This provided data protection and significantly increased the efficiency of employees.

The connection of the system with the electronic map of the fields made it possible to control the movement of land as an object of ownership. Agricom Group has received a good visualization and analysis of land plots, which facilitates the operative monitoring of changes in the land bank and its planning.



At the third stage of the project, a management system for machinery was introduced. It included systems for the integrated accounting of fuel through the chain of gasoline-fuel truck service and field service, as well as the dispatching service and the system of operational planning and accounting for the actual operations of the company's agricultural machinery.

This immediately allowed the company to reduce its fuel costs by more than 500 liters in one calendar month, thanks to the creation of transparent chains of fuel, the recording and quality control and the amount of work done on the fields.

«From the very beginning, it was a very interesting project for us, because it combined a systematic lead-up and a comprehensive approach to management issues," says Artem Belenkov. «The implementation of this project gave positive results not only for Agricom Group, in the process of cooperation we ourselves grew as a company. As the Agricom Group is actively developing, the project needed not only to improve a number of software products, but also to show flexibility in the configuration of the project. A significant role was played by the organizational structure of the Agricom Group and the client's project team: the company's executive director, project manager and IT specialists. Their motivation and interest helped to accelerate the implementation of the project and increase its effectiveness».

Artem Belenkov

It should be clearly realized that today innovative technologies are an indispensable component of any industry, they significantly increase the productivity of enterprises. And given the orientation of Agricom Group to the latest technological solutions, as well as intensive growth in the direction of crop production, the automation of the company's management system became a necessity. In addition, introducing modern technologies in crop production, we increase the control of the company's assets, transparency of processes and information support for management, reduce the risks of doing business both in the short term and in the long term.

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