30 September 2016
Where You Can Hear Smartfarming In October

September is behind us, but a marathon of conferences continues. Let's quickly remember how we spent this month. The pace was set by Conference "Precision Agriculture 2016", where SmartFarming told how it introduced step by step the elements of precision farming on an example of «Central Farming Ukraine». Next, we debated on the Black Sea Summit whether the technology will win end hunger. Then we have collected "agrodream team" called Lunch & Wine with ALEXANDROV & PARTNERS and LANDLORD, where Artem Belenkov spoke about the importance of involving the client in the innovation process. September conference was closed by Large Farm Management program, where we revealed the secrets of building a comprehensive land bank management system, as well as discussed the land reform. What waits SmartFarming in October?            

III International Conference "Energy efficiency in industry, agriculture, and housing" OCTOBER 4

Energy efficiency is a direction being in its infancy in our country. Therefore, this conference will bring together nugget by nugget the most influential people in this trend in Ukraine and Europe, to reveal all the infinite possibilities for conservation of energy, which you have not imagined. At the event, Artem Belenkov will moderate the session "Energy saving in agribusiness and the food industry", as well as a speaker will make a presentation "Effective land management of the bank as a guarantee of energy efficiency and company resources".          

Agro SCT Odessa OCTOBER 5

AGRO Startup Crash Test - regular informal event for technology entrepreneurs and representatives of agricultural companies. SmartFarming is familiar with the platform, as this summer Artem Belenkov was in the role of mentorat Startup Crash Test in Kyiv. Now the geography of "crash test" is expanded and next "agri-Jobs" will surprise Odessa with inventions in the beginning of October!

Ukraine Financial Leaders Forum OCTOBER 6-7

SmartFarming go to this conference to get acquainted with the best practices and experiences from the best financiers, to know what technology is used by market leaders, as well as to communicate among professionals. This year, the program includes:

  • What are the challenges facing today CFO during the period of economic instability?
  • Increased CFO’s personal effectiveness
  • Build your team. Basic tools of operational efficiency
  • The impact of macroeconomic indicators on corporate finance
  • Ambulance for CFO. How to optimize and automate financial management
  • Outsourcing for financial functions "pro" and "contra"
  • Building an effective internal audit system
  • Experience KPI system implementation
  • How CFO can monitor the commercial services effectiveness
  • Raising additional funds for the company development
  • Antifraud and CFO



This fall Odessa is a Ukrainian “Silicon Valley”. Recall that the most innovative conference in Ukraine Black Sea Summit in 2016 was held in September in Odessa, and in October this city again brings together the brightest minds in the country, first in the AGRO Startup Crash Test, and then to Odessa Agrarian Innovation Hackathon. This event is for those who believe in agriculture and sees the possibility of using high technology for its development. Within three days at the Hackathon will:

  • show farmers the power of modern hardware and software technologies;
  • seek or create new IT-projects, products and technology solutions for the agricultural sector;
  • identify problems of farmers, which can be solved by modern technologies;
  • motivate Ukrainian IT specialists and engineers for the development of agricultural products.

If you could not hear us in September, then October is the time to get a portion of inspiration.

Only agro - only hardcore!

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