1 September 2016
Where You Can Hear SmartFarming In September

Three months of summer behind, and we haven’t told about half achievements. That is why in September we will participate in 4 conferences. We will inform you about the latest projects over which there was a hard work recently.        

Precision Agriculture-2016 September 7-8

AGP Media organizes «Precision Agriculture-2016» conference, SmartFarming is «Innovative partner». The main topics of the conference will be:

  • Practical experience of using elements of precision agriculture;
  • Technical tools for precision agriculture;
  • Analytical systems of yield prediction;
  • Experience in the use of UAVs in precision agriculture.

In the event we will cover the theme — «Software: from analysis to making decision».  

Black Sea Summit September 9-10

September 9-10, Odessa will gather in one place innovators and IT-entrepreneurs for networking and effective collaboration, attract international experience to show the possibilities of the technology industry of Odessa and Ukraine, as well as to maintain a cooperation with international funds, accelerators and business incubators. The focuses and topics this year will be the development of innovation ecosystems and trends in today's technological world, but aslo trends in startups — agrotech, IOT, «smart» energy, biotechnology and biohacking. We will participate in a discussion «Agrorevolution or how technology will beat famine» at the conference, where will discuss the present and future agricultural technologies in Ukraine.  

Lunch & Wine «Effective land bank management: how to make the assets that running at 100%» September 16

«Effective land bank management: how to make the assets running at 100%» — an event where we are going to perform not only as speakers, but also the co-organizers together with our partners, the law firm ALEXANDROV & PARTNERS. It will be closed seminar for owners and top managers of the largest agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, which would be hold by leading market experts. In this event SmartFarming will talk on real «case-study» about the practice of building integrated land bank management systems, including:

  • «land issue» and the main risks in buying/selling agricultural business;

And also

  • the reasons of losing money working with land assets — how not to lose, but increase.


VII International Conference «Effective management of agricultural companies» September 22

This is the №1 conference of agricultural business management in Europe and CIS countries. The main topics will be:

  • Agribusiness management strategies: from the company to the state;
  • How the company stays successful during the crisis? Best practices;
  • Risk hedging at the stages of the supply of agricultural products etc.

In the fourth unit — «LAND MANAGEMENT VS. LAND MARKET» — Artem Belenkov will talk about how they introduced large land bank management system on the example of «MHP».   Professionals primarily distinguished by the desire to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. SmartFarming is committed to contribute this, taking part and supporting various thematic conferences during the year.

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