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We go on talking about successful examples of technological solutions based on the precision agriculture principle. The Hawkeye nozzle control system designed by Raven, the American agro market incumbent company, is an example of an ultra-precise PPP application solution for agricultural machinery.

This is a system allowing a computer to feed a spray material to each nozzle using a series of valves. Besides, Hawkeye maintains the same boom pressure, preventing the formation of variably sized drops in the jet. The PPP spray control system based on pressure sensors allows improving the device accuracy in various field conditions. In addition, the agent spray level is reduced, and the nozzles are used to their full capacity. Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsating valve. This helps maintain a relevant spraying rate when changing speed.

Our system combines two most necessary elements of any spraying system – the exact speed-independent application rate in the liter per hectare ratio and complete pressure control. In the real agriculture of Ukrainian, few farm workers select the correct nozzles for PPP application. A single set of nozzles is unable to provide complete control over the application rates – the difference in drop sizes will be significant. It usually leads to efficiency loss. Hawkeye is a universal system. Thus, agrarians will no longer have to purchase different sets of nozzles for different application rates. Another problem that the Ukrainian farmers face is the changes in speed, especially for those who farm in hilly terrain with extreme differences in altitude. When climbing up or down the hill, changes in speed cause changes in pressure in the boom substantially affecting drop size. Now, while working with a specific PPP in a particular locality, all objective peculiarities are taken into account by the flight operator right on the go. There is no need to stop and re-equip the machinery. In addition, we will regularly update our software, by adding a set of useful features,

says Andriy Hulko, Raven’s general representative in Ukraine

The Hawkeye system is developed on the ISOBUS platform allowing working with ISO task controllers and compatible with most of the standard terminals in the cab. Hawkeye has also been tested for shock resistance, vibration and harsh weather conditions at extreme temperatures. According to the manufacturer, the system durability has no rivals.

Raven Hawkeye

Advantages and capabilities:

To show the features mentioned above, Raven has shot a video, where all the functions are represented by graphics models.

Previously, we wrote about modern methods of application of PPP, and the link to a detailed article on how to improve the efficiency of insertion of plant protection products.

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