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Last week the Kyiv International Economic Forum 2017. The SmartFarming booth was located in the exhibition area of high-tech projects and was the largest exhibition of drones for agriculture in Ukraine.

Today we are at the Kyiv International Economic Forum. This is the top event of the year. Our company, together with “Mironivskyi Khliboprodukt”, presents the largest drones exposition in Ukraine. All drone solutions for agriculture in Ukraine will be presented here. All the top producers of Ukraine and DJI. It is incredible. The market of drones has not seen similar before”.

says Artem Belenkov, founder of SmartFarming

The list of manufacturers of drones that are currently partners of SmartFarming and were presented at the KIEF-2017 is really impressive. Among them Ukrspecsystems, AeroDrone, MegaDrone, ITEC, DeViRo, Matrix-UAV, FlyTechnology. Taken together – all the leaders of the domestic market of dronesfor agriculture.


You can easily get lost among the variety of drones and technologies currently being developed by SmartFarmig partners. So, we have prepared a brief overview of the key tasks of precision farming, which should be solved with the help of drone drivers.

Read and decide on what kind of drone solutions will be the best deal with the creation of vegetation indexes and orthophotomaps, the application of trichogramma and plant protection products, monitoring of crop condition and field measurements.

Application of a entomophage trichogramma.

A trichogram is an effective way of biological protection of agricultural plants from harmful insects.

There are not many options for making trichograms. First of all, pay attention on two drones. The first one is MegaDrone MD-1. The second is an remotely-piloted aerial system by DeViRo company. More precisely – a special modification of the drone "Leleka-100" for agriculture. 


MD-1 by MegaDrone


A remotely-piloted aerial system DeViRo

It is not worth comparing these drones. Each of them has its own advantages. The only thing to note is that besides the application of a trichogramma, MegaDrone MD-1 can solve other tasks as well. Such as the creation of vegetation indexes, the creation of orthophotomaps, crop monitoring, field measurements.

Creation of vegetation indexes, creation of orthophotomaps, monitoring of crop condition, field measurements.   

If you need a drone that can solve such tasks as creating vegetation indexes, creating orthophotomaps, monitoring the crop condition, measuring the fields – will have to choose from among many models.

A rival to MegaDrone MD-1 can be ITEC Skif, «Katana-Agro», Ukrspecsystems PD-1, DJI Phantom 4 Pro and many others. skif

 ITEC Skif


Ukrspecsystems PD-1

Ukrspecsystems PD-1

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The introduction of plant protection products. 

At present, the technology of Ukrainian and Chinese production can solve this problem qualitatively. We are talking about: 

Both solutions are designed to make plant protection products in automatic mode. 


AeroDrone DR-60

dji agras

DJI Agras MG-1

For a more detailed review of agricultural drones, see our following articles. 

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