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The total world drones market value for business solutions is estimated at $127 billion, of which agriculture accounts for $32.4 billion. This was reported in the blog of SmartFarming consultant Vadim Ostapenko for Agravery.com.

Drones are able to quickly collect and process data, which will allow agriculture to become a high-tech industry based on precise calculations.


Until now, the main obstacle in agriculture was the large area of cultivated land and the low effectiveness of crop monitoring. Today, the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles offers a wide variety of use at a relatively low price. In addition, the drones can be integrated at all stages of production,

noted Vadim Ostapenko

Ostapenko stressed that an important aspect for an entrepreneur is to calculate the budget costs of using technology. The average cost of a conventional drones starts from € 1300.

Designed for the agriculture small devices without special technologies range from € 2,000 to € 3,000. Technological drones used for special operations start from € 8000, some models from € 30,000 (spray drone and UAV equipped with special hyperspectral cameras and other expensive equipment),

the expert concluded

It is worthwhile to understand that in pursuit for innovations, it is necessary to carefully explore all the nuances and estimate whether these technologies are suitable for a particular enterprise and whether they are not.

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