Founder of SmartFarming spoke at a Banking Club Conference

The annual banking conference CIS SME Banking Club Conference 2017 was held in Kyiv.

CIS SME Banking Club Conference 2017 is the largest specialized events in CIS. It is dedicated to the issues of development of banking products for small and medium-sized businesses. This year, more than 100 representatives of banks and financial institutions from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia were the participants of the conference.

The second day of the conference was opened by the session on innovation in the agricultural sector.

The theme of Artem Belenkov’s speech was the services which main task is to nullify the risks of banks in financing farmers.

Such services already exist, but the banks either do not know about them or do not understand how to use them.

Bankers vs Farmers

Financing of landowners in Ukraine is done against security in a form of harvest. It turns out that bankers give money to businesses, and obtain the risks in return. Until the harvest is not collected or stored in a warehouse, the bank "cannot see", what happens to the debtor. Thus, the bank has no control the situation "here and now". He will have to face the problem at the last moment

Artem Belenkov says

Possible risks of the banks in financing agrarian clients

All the risks that the bank may face in financing farmers, are the risks of farmers. Among them are the problems with the land assets, inefficient use of funds, lack of full control, force majeure related to bad weather, etc.

SmartFarming services may be equally useful for farmers and bankers.

Our services, such as crop condition monitoring, help farmers care for the crops. Every lender wants to understand that the future of the crop is not threatened. In most cases, SmartFarming customers are one of the most reliable consumers of bank loans. But obtaining operational analytics from the field will be useful for everyone

Artem Belenkov says

The tasks the bank may solve using the services of Smartfarming

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