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SmartFarming was declared the winner in the tender for the introduction of a land bank management system in MHP company.

Within the framework of building a land bank management system, it is planned to introduce a line of agricultural GIS. Given the amount of data and the number of system users, a powerful server part of the GIS system will be implemented. This will speed up data processing, introduce unique algorithms and implement various user requests. User workplaces are developed on the basis of agricultural GIS.

We are pleased to start working with «Mironovskiy Hliboprodukt», this is one of the leading agricultural companies in Ukraine, its land bank is more than 350 thousand hectares. This is the largest project in the CIS market, so we needed to show not only flexibility in solutions, but also scalability. The tender was complicated and time-consuming, eight companies took part in it, but from the very beginning we were confident that the services we provide completely solve the tasks set by the company

Artem Belenkov, Head of SmartFarming

The system is built on the basis of the use of international standards  OGC (WMS, WMTS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS), which provides unified access to search, exchange and provision of geospatial data, creates opportunities for interaction between GIS applications and web services as our platform, and exterior developers. The project implies full integration of the geoinformation system with the accounting system   in the part of recording land lease contracts and accounting for fields.

One of the fundamental requirements in this project was the openness of the system and the possibility of full integration with 1C products to optimize the document flow and improve the efficiency of the land service of the holding. SmartFarming has experience of such implementations, which was shown to us during the tender

Andrey Kiyanenko, Head of MHP`s innovation implementation department

The implementation of the project is planned in stages, the pilot project will start at the holding's leading enterprise, the company "NVO "Urozhai". By the end of 2015, it is planned to fully implement75 000 hectares’managed system, and in 2016 the project will be scaled to the entire holding. As part of the implementation of the pilot project, it is also planned to integrate with the services of the precision farming system.

We are actively introducing precision farming systems to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. As part of this tender, we plan not only to close the land bank management unit, which is very relevant for any large company, but also to integrate with precision farming systems. Obtaining data from precision farming systems, automatically transferring them to geoinformation systems, processing and creating mapping tasks for engineering and unloading them back into the systems of machinery control is the task that we plan to solve

Alexey Lebedev, Deputy Director for IT, LLC "NVF "Urozhai"

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