14 March 2018
SmartFarming introduces Hummingbird – an innovative platform for precision farming

The first large-scale spring agronetworking event AgroTalks Day#4 was held in Kiev. Agribusiness experts from all over Ukraine had a meeting to get acquainted with high-tech innovations and trends utilized within the agricultural sector. This time, the participants discussed not only unique domestic developments for precision farming and tools for cost minimization. IT innovations for agrarians and software for their implementation are now trending.

SmartFarming mount

SmartFarming mount at AgroTalks Day#4 conference

Vadym Ostapenko, the SmartFarming expert, was one of the speakers at the event. Having presented the showcase with drones, he started explaining the Hummingbird technology operation – an application designed to monitor crops condition and model the spread of diseases and weeds. The software changes the approach to agribusiness management using the Big Data analysis capabilities.

Vadim Ostapenko

Using Hummingbird special technological features, farmers do not just collect crops condition data but also get analytics. The platform allows analyzing images taken with drones, as well as satellite data. Based on the data received, Hummingbird provides information on the farm’s field condition. The features analyzed are as follows: crops density, weediness, problem areas right up to yield forecasting.

The Hummingbird innovation technology is not just high-quality orthophoto maps. The matter is in the automatic accurate analysis. In fact, the data is used both for field scanning and plants quantity counting. It also allows localizing weeded areas. Based on this analysis, farmers obtain information showing the exact location of problematic sites within the field,

Vadim shares his knowledge with the audience

Hummingbird interface

Hummingbird cloud platform interface

It’s not difficult to take pictures – the multispectral camera is attached to a drone, and after that, it conducts a flight over the field at the altitude of 90 to 120 m. It’s best to carry out about 5 flights at different plant development stages, depending on a cultivar and growing technique. Later, the pictures are uploaded to the portal just like common photos. Finally, the system independently analyzes the crop condition and provides the analytical findings.

The second part of the SmartFarming expert’s presentation featured another innovative solution meant to be used by farmers this year – Topsoil Mapper.

Topsoil Mapper

Topsoil Mapper

To practice precision farming, it is very important to be aware of the soil composition. Taking the composition into account helps agrarians to use each field area more efficiently, save resources, and increase crop yields. That is why geophysical measuring systems utilization is a key factor necessary to understand soil mechanics. Using the Topsoil Mapper device, we can pinpoint areas with sand, clay, and regular soil and get an accurate placement map. In addition, this device provides a possibility to get data on moisture reserves within particular areas, as well as soil compaction depth. These parameters can then be used in real time for optimal subsoiling management. To implement this technology in Ukraine, we partnered with experts from the Vinnytsia agribusiness engaged in Frendt agricultural machinery sales and maintenance

Vadim said

Soil compaction map

Soil compaction map constructed using Topsoil Mapper

We have already started cooperating with Israeli and British partners, and we are getting ready to test the Hummingbird software and the Topsoil Mapper device in Ukrainian fields. Tests are starting in March

Vadim concluded

AgroTalks Day#4 is held in Kiev for the fourth time already. This time, the event lasted more than 10 hours and provided the participants with an opportunity to exchange ideas with 10 leading experts in agricultural innovations.

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