• UkrLandFarming

    Ukrlandfarming Group is Ukraine's largest vertically integrated agricultural holding, which manages the country's largest land bank an area of 570,000 ha

  • Kernel

    Kernel is the leading diversified agricultural company in the Black Sea region. It is the largest supplier of sunflower oil and meal to the international market and one of the largest grain exporters from the Black Sea region. The land bank of the company is 560 000 hectares

  • MHP

    MHP is one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine, uniting 19 enterprises throughout the country. The land bank of the company is 370 000 hectares

  • Astarta-Kiev

    It is an agro-industrial holding specializing in growing beets, cereals, and oilseeds. The holding is also engaged in meat and dairy products production and soy processing. The company’s land bank is 250,000 ha.

  • Mriya

    It is one of the largest vertically-integrated holdings in Ukraine. The company implements a full production cycle: starting with seed production, cultivation, and harvest planning and finishing with product storage, transportation, and logistics. The company’s land bank equals 165,000 ha.

  • IMC

    IMC is an integrated agricultural company in Ukraine. The main activities are production and storage of agricultural crops and milk production. The land bank of the company is 129 600 hectares

  • Agrain

    The holding has in possession 17 agricultural companies all over Ukraine. It is engaged in cereals and oilseeds production and storage, as well as in meat-and-dairy cattle and sheep farming. The company’s land bank is 110,000 ha.

  • Privat-AgroHolding

    It unites 22 active farms engaged in crops cultivation and processing. The holding also develops meat and dairy cattle and sheep farming. The land bank is 100,000 ha.

  • HarvEast

    The main activities of "HarvEast" holding are crop production, dairy farming, production of mixed fodder and seed plant growing. The land bank of the company is 97 000 hectares

  • UkrAgroKom-Hermes-Trading

    It is an integrated agrarian corporation which uses the latest technological achievements in crops production and storage. The company cultivates cereals and oilseeds, has its own grain storage infrastructure. The land bank area equals 75,000 ha.

  • Grain Alliance – Baryshivska Grain Company
    Grain Alliance – Baryshivska Grain Company

    This agribusiness is engaged in cereals and oilseeds cultivation and sale, provides grain acceptance, primary processing, and storage services. Besides, the company exports soy and develops a dairy business. The land bank is 57,000 ha.

  • Freedom Farm International
    Freedom Farm International

    The main activity of "Freedom Farm International" is the cultivation of grain. The company's land is located in the Kherson region. The land bank of the company is 50 000 hectares

  • Continental Farmers Group
    Continental Farmers Group

    Continental Farmers Group started its activity in Ukraine in 2006. At present, it occupies about 42,000 hectares in Ukraine, primarily in the fertile Lviv region

  • ED&F Man
    ED&F Man

    ED & F Man operates in more than 50 countries. The company is one of the largest suppliers of food, sugar, spices, coffee, animal feed and other types of goods

  • Agricom Group
    Agricom Group

    Agricom Group is a national agrigroup specializing in the development, production and distribution of food products from grain crops on its own production base. One of the key areas is crop production. The land bank of the company is 40 000 hectares

  • Agro-Region

    Agro-Region is a horticultural company with a land bank of 35,000 hectares in three clusters located in Kiev, Chernigov and Zhytomyr regions.

  • Central Farming Ukraine
    Central Farming Ukraine

    The company "Central Farming Ukraine" grows food and technical crops such as wheat, sunflower, soybean, barley in the Kirovograd, Mykolayiv, Chernigov regions of Ukraine. The land bank of the company is 32 000 hectares

  • LandFort

    Agroholding Landfort is engaged in the cultivation of land and the production of agricultural products. The structure of the holding includes 7 agricultural enterprises in 3 regions of Ukraine with a total land bank of 37,000 hectares

  • Agro KMR
    Agro KMR

    It is an agricultural enterprise with French investments, specializing in wheat, barley, sunflower, rape, and pea cultivation. The company actively integrates new technologies into its production processes. The company’s land bank is 10,500 ha.

  • Favorit-Agro

    Favorit-Agro is a stable, reliable and promising high-tech agricultural enterprise in Korets, Rivne region. The land bank of the company is 9 000 hectares

  • AMG Mironovskoye
    AMG Mironovskoye

    "AMG Mironovskoye" is a rapidly developing company in the Vinnytsia region, the main field of activity is the cultivation of grain crops and other. The land bank of the company is 3,500 hectares

  • Bershad Agroplus
    Bershad Agroplus

    Bershad Agroplus has been successfully working on the Ukrainian agrochemical market for more than 6 years. There is also a separate direction, which is engaged in the cultivation of crops. The land bank of the company is 2 000 hectares

  • Green Team
    Green Team

    "Green Teem" is a multifunctional vegetable store, vertically integrated into the structure of the agricultural complex of the Kherson region. The company pins a key role in building up its own capacity for producing quality vegetables on the grounds of the Dniprovskaya Zhemchuzhina farm. The land bank is 1,200 hectares

  • Flora

    It is a farm engaged in wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, and rape cultivation. Despite the relatively small size, the farm actively implements innovations to optimize agricultural operations. The land bank is 800 ha.

  • MAS Seeds Ukraine
    MAS Seeds Ukraine

    It is the Ukrainian branch of the French Maisadour cooperative group specializing in hybrids selection of the main field crops and premium seed production. In Ukraine, the company ​​has 40 thousand plots with a total area of 90 ha for selective seeding

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