Crop condition monitoring

About the service

Producers with tens, hundreds of thousands of hectares are difficult to manage business. It is possible to compile an ideal budget and technological maps, but depending on a variety of factors, the crops develop non-uniformly. Among the main ones are the soil structure, the quality and timeliness of the technological operations, the observance of the norms for sowing, the application of plant protection products and fertilizers, the amount of precipitation and temperature regime, pests and diseases, the human factor and technical force majeure.

To conduct analysis and make informed decisions, management needs operational data on the crop condition, the analytics with high accuracy. Monitoring by drones and satellites allows controlling remotely the crop conditions during the key phases of their vegetation.


What do we do

Name Satellite monitoring Monitoring by drones
  • Processing of satellite data Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel 2a/2b
  • Drawing up of maps of the state of crops
  • Surfing the fields with drones
  • Data processing and mapping of crop status
  • Analysis of results
  • Map of the state of crops according to NDVI
  • Vector maps for heterogeneous zones
  • Report by crop
  • Plant condition map
  • Vector maps for heterogeneous zones
  • Relief Matrix
  • Accurate map of crops
  • Report by crop
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Accuracy From 10 m From 2 cm

On all arrays:

  • Landsat 7/8 - every 8 days
  • Sentinel 2a/2b – every 5 days

1 crew – up to 2 500 ha per day

Time of receipt of the card The day after the shooting The day after the flight
Risk factors
  • Cloudy
  • Weather
  • Airports
  • Mode objects
Recommendations for use
  • Throughout the season
  • To identify problem areas before the departure of the agronomist
  • Maximum efficiency
  • In the key phases of vegetation
  • To obtain high-precision analytics
Price 5 UAH/ha in season 20 UAH/ha for 1 flight
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What this gives to the Client

  • Optimization of budgets

    Optimization of budgets to identify problem areas in time for decision making and the ability to implement it

  • Data for precision farming

    Data for precision farming analysis of the causes of heterogeneous areas and opportunities for improving the agricultural production efficiency

  • Field measurements

    Field measurements



Whom can we help

We use the latest unmanned technologies and profile sensors. Each of our crew closes up to 2,500 ha for 1 day of flights
  • Optimization of budgets

    Optimization of Companies budgets with a land bank from 2 000 to 650 000 ha, to carry out integrated monitoring of the crops development during the season

  • Data for precision farming

    Data for plant protection and fertilizer manufacturers for monitoring demo fields and test sites

  • Measurement of the fields

    Insurance companies, for monitoring insured crops and fixing insured cases

Many companies have a resource for independent comprehensive monitoring of crop conditions.

We are ready to arm you for any task

Name Satellite monitoring Monitoring for small businesses Monitoring by drones for holdings
Photo monitoring md-01 skif
  • Training of data processing
  • GIS
  • UAV MegaDrone MD-1 with 1 add. battery
  • Pilot Training
  • Training of data processing
  • DroneDeploy service for 1 year
  • UAV Skif RTK
  • Training in piloting
  • Training of data processing
  • DroneDeploy service for 1 year
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The cost of equipment 25 000 UAH 4 999 USD 16 706 USD
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