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About the service

Precisely to distribute production resources of the enterprise before the beginning of the season works is quite a difficult task. Usually enterprises plan crop rotation and production technology, calculate planned needs for inventories and budgets. But there is not always precise and up-to-date information on the area and boundaries of the fields, on the basis of which budgets are actually planned. This information very quickly loses relevance in view of changes in the land bank, changes in the contours of crops from season to season.

In order to avoid incorrect budget calculations, field measurements are carried out. This operation is carried out with the help of modern technologies like satellite data, drones, guidance or with conventional GPS devices, on the basis of which contours and fields are formed, detailed orthophotos, possibly terrain matrices. How to measure the fields depends on the task that you need to solve.

area of the field 

What do we do

Name Satellite Drone Detour
  • Order of archival satellite data
  • Ordering a new survey
  • Overflight with drones with RTC
  • Data processing and orthomosaic creation
  • Vectorization of fields/crops
  • Motor vehicle bypass
  • Creating Contours
  • Orthomosaic
  • Contour
  • Area
  • Orthomosaic
  • Relief Matrix
  • Contour
  • Area with terrain
  • Plant map

(Optional historical map of productivity)

  • Contour
  • Area
Accuracy 1 m 10 cm 50 cm
Coverage per day *

Up to 2000 ha

Up to 3000 ha

Up to 1000 ha

Time of receipt of the card 3 days 2 days 1 days
Risk factors
  • Weather
  • Weather
  • Airports
  • Mode objects
  • Weather
  • Presence of crops
Recommendations for use
  • In areas prohibited for drones
  • When inventorying a large land bank
  • Maximum efficiency
  • When monitoring the condition of crops
  • If not urgently, in the planned mode
  • When sampling soil
Price 20 UAH/ha 25 UAH/ha 15 UAH/ha
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* One SmartFarming crew, depending on the type of equipment


What this gives to the Client

  • Optimization of budgets

    Optimization of budgets due to precise determination of the amount of mineral fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products and fuels required to perform technological operations

  • Data for precision farming

    Basic data for precision farming systems, satellite and GPS monitoring, dispatching services

  • Measuring area of fields

    Exact information on the area of fields in processing and technical losses for the land bank optimization


Whom can we help

Depending on the task, this service is ordered:
  • Фермеры

    Large agricultural producers for the purpose of inventorying a land bank

  • Инвесторы

    Investors in the agricultural business for the purpose of conducting due diligence

  • Банки

    Banks and insurance companies to obtain objective information about the facility

Most companies conduct independent fields measurement in case of frequent changes in the structure of the land bank and the configuration of plots within the fields, the presence of a dispatch service.

We are ready to equip you for any task

Name Satellite Drone Detour
  • Satellite imagery Pleiades-1A, 1B
  • UAV MegaDrone MD-1 with 1 add battery
  • Pilot Training
  • Training of data processing
  • DroneDeploy service for 1 year
  • Direction indicator Hexagon Ti5
Technical description Download Download Download
Options for subsequent use
  • New measurements within the shot
  • Measurement
  • Monitoring the condition of crops
  • Measurement
  • Parallel driving
The cost of equipment 13,8 USD/km22 4 999 USD 1 750 USD
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