Project development for the implementation of precision farming

About the service

Wishing to increase the production`s profitability, Ukrainian agricultural producers are trying to implement precision farming systems. Consultants offer various services and equipment: soil analysis, paid satellite services, crop monitoring by drones, software products, autopilots, guidance, sensors.

Not all agrarians use them correctly and very rarely close the process systematically, without getting the desired effect. Parallel driving, section control, differentiated fertilizing and sowing, yield mapping ... Often, due to lack of experience in similar projects, management does not see all risks and additional costs for implementation.


What do we do

Technology Result

Machinery and equipment audit, data in stock, software, technologies used

a strategy for the phased

Plan for the phased implementation of precision farming

A strategy for the phased implementation

Development of a strategy for the phased implementation of precision farming, selection of optimal technologies and equipment

Terms of reference for the purchase

Terms of reference for the purchase of equipment, services

We calculate the budget

We calculate the budget and project its recoupment


We calculate the budget and project its recoupment

Employee training

Employee training


Team ready to implement the project

To order


What this gives to the Client

  • Optimization of budgets

    The overall picture of the project and the key points for monitoring its implementation

  • Saving time and money

    Saving time and money through a systematic approach

  • Professional development of specialists

    Professional development of specialists


Whom can we help

This service can be valuable for business leaders who like to act with certainty and conduct thorough preparation for any changes. «Double check to be sure » – that's how we recommend approaching investments in this area. We always open doors to companies that have a positive or negative experience of implementing projects on their own or with the involvement of other consultants.

We are ready to equip you for any task

Does your company have a desire, competent team and enough resources to do this work on its own? We recommend downloading our methodology for developing a project for the implementation of precision farming. Following the principles described in the manual, you will be more effective and will be able to significantly increase the likelihood of implementing a successful project.

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